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The Great American Cookbook illustrationsBy Sara Wood
Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets illustrationBy Caitlin Keegan
The Big Block of Rock book designBy Matt Windsor
folded book sculptures
Eat the City book jacketBy Chris Silas Neal
Korean Children’s Book Covers (1960’s)
Transitory - Limited Edition Plate BookBy Sean Perry
book for An Alphabet by John Lennon (student work)By Ben Anslow
A Computer Perspective by Charles and Ray Eames
Mustache! by Mac Barnett, picture book designBy (hand-lettering by Kevin Cornell)
FAHRENHEIT 451, book design on censorship (student work)By Maxime Brunelle 
Eric Gill: Notes on Postage Stamps book designBy Michael Russem
book on censorship, inspired by Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 (student work)By Maxime Brunelle
The Boy Without a Belly Button book cover designBy Tomato Košir (collaboration)
Over and Under the Snow book cover & illustrationsBy Chris Silas Neal